Friday 18 January 2002

Tensed tags

BurningBird has created another tag for indicating modified blog entries. If I understand the syntax correctly, the new <edit/> tag is placed ahead of completely new paragraphs added to a previously posted blog entry (whereas the <edited /> tag is placed at the end of a paragraph or entry that has been revised). I’m a humble wordsmith not a scripting guru, but is this syntax correct? Or are we likely to run into problems by placing what looks like a closing tag at the beginning of a paragraph? In other words, shouldn’t it be an <edit> tag that signifies the beginning of a paragraph added to an old blog entry? <edited />

OK, Shelley’s defined how to use the <edit> tag correctly. Does this imply that an altered paragraph or entire blog entry needs opening and closing <edited> tags? Or is OK to add just an <edited /> tag at the end? And if you add to an entry, then modify the added content, do you have to have nested <edited><edit> tags?


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