Friday 18 January 2002

Dame Edna to the rescue?

If the Ally McBeal producers are struggling to claw back their young audience, I can see why they’ve hired Jon Bon Jovi as a replacement for Robert Downey Jr. But Dame Edna Everage? Edna, who will play a character called Claire Otoms, is herself played by Australian actor Barry Humphries, who introduced her in a stage show in 1970. Confused yet? Imagine how Ally’s crucial young viewers will feel. Edna mutated into Aunt Edna and then achieved superstardom as Dame Edna in Australia and the UK. Americans however were initially baffled by Edna—Humphries’ first New York stage show folded after only four weeks. She/he finally cracked the US market in 1999 with Dame Edna: The Royal Tour . Mariah´┐ŻCarey’s guest appearance couldn’t boost Ally’s ratings. But Dame Edna might turn out to be another Dorothy Michaels .


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