Tuesday 12 February 2002

If only it tasted a little better

Mark Pilgrim writes:

I swallowed the CSS Koolaid when I moved this weblog to its own domain (although I apparently still have a few kinks to work out, hiding my CSS from non-compliant browsers). Today, Dave Winer promised to swallow the CSS Koolaid “real soon now”. Chris Casciano swallows a tall new glass of it every day before breakfast. Steven Vore is still choking on it. Jonathon Delacour tried it, but ended up spitting instead of swallowing. (I think I’ve taken this analogy about as far as it should go.)

To the contrary, I think Mark is just warming up with the swallowing/spitting analogy and I’d love to see it go further. But he’s given a very fair summary of the state of play. I did spit but I know the medicine is good for me and I promise to swallow “real soon” too. In fact, I’ll be one of the first Radio users to swallow after Dave.


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