Monday 17 June 2002

Just do it

In a post about the What We’re Doing When We Blog brouhaha (aka megnut v the three musketeers), Simon Willison observed that:

Jonathan, BurningBird and Stavros are all on the faculty of AKMA’s University of Blogaria. I wonder if they are accepting undergraduates.

Simon, here’s the deal. The University of Blogaria was founded on the principle that the ideal academic institution has buildings, carparks, endowments, faculty, fees, courses… but no students to contaminate the educational process. Except that U Blog has little more than a (distinguished) faculty, each of whom has no formal qualifications in their subject of expertise. I feel confident that, if you asked nicely, the Porter would allow you into the grounds (if they existed). But frankly your best bet might be to get heavily involved in the academic politics so that someone will nominate you for a chair.



Thanks. Academic politics doesn't sound like me cup of tea (even with respect to such a prestigious institution as U Blog) but I shall continue to benefit from the public archives of its faculty members ;)

Posted by: Simon Willison on 16 June 2002 at 11:11 PM

Simon, be careful - U Blog is known to be a hot bed of subversives and counter-culturists. Mr. Delacour may seem like a gentle, well reasoned and argued wielder of dishwashing technology, but he's also been known to corrupt weblogging innocents and speak frankly of the elite.


Posted by: Burningbird on 17 June 2002 at 04:13 AM

Faculty politics can be such an ugly thing and when students are available, they (the students) can offer embarrassing questions that simply make the faculty aware of long standing departmental turf wars. Especially near budget time. And frankly, though some may privately aspire for Faculty status, it is hazardous to mention it, lest one become a target of their ire prior to the granting of tenure status.

Posted by: Hal on 17 June 2002 at 07:28 AM

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