Friday 21 June 2002

Accessibility tip 04: Navigation aids

In today’s accessibility tip Mark Pilgrim asks us to provide additional navigation aids to pages that can be viewed sequentially, such as those in a weblog’s daily or individual entry archives. I already have visible navigation aids (in the form of «Previous | Home | Next» links) on these pages—implemented with the usual a (anchor) tag.

However, Mark is suggesting that I use the link tag to add a duplicate set of navigation aids that, although “normally invisible to visual browsers like Internet Explorer, can be displayed in alternate browsers and help users navigate through [my] weblog.”

Adding the necessary code to my two Movable Type templates took less than a minute. All I then had to do was FTP the modified templates to the server and rebuild my site. Total time required? Less than 5 minutes.



I'm using Galeon to browse your site and it has the feature to show navigation links in one of its menus. Unfortunately I don't see them on this page. Have you reuploaded all your pages yet?

Posted by: Sits on 22 June 2002 at 04:32 PM

When you say "this page," do you mean the main index (Home) page? If so, you won't see any navigation links because it only makes sense to have them on sequential pages i.e.

daily pages:

monthly pages:

individual archive pages:

I've checked and the links are on each of those kinds of pages. If it's not working, please let me know and I'll ask Mark Pilgrim what could be happening.

Posted by: Jonathon Delacour on 22 June 2002 at 05:34 PM

The links you gave all have working related links - I guess I must have been refering to the main page (which you have explained above). Sorry for the slow response!

Posted by: Sits on 29 July 2002 at 05:08 AM

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