Saturday 29 June 2002

What did you change?

A conversation between two people working on a Web project (no prizes for guessing which is the programmer).

“This Web page was perfectly OK and now such-and-such a feature is broken.”

“What did you change?”


“No, I don’t think you heard me. What did you change?”

I remembered this conversation (with my friend and former colleague, Herman Coomans) as I went to bed last night, wondering why my navigation panel had suddenly disappeared in Netscape 6. At least I knew enough, thanks to Herman, to ask myself what had changed since I last looked at the site in Netscape 6. I thought it might be my style sheet but when I woke up this morning I realized that the recent biggest change was adding SiteMeter code to my templates, in order to generate site statistics.

Sure enough, moving the SiteMeter code from just above the closing #content div to just above the closing body tag brought back the missing navigation panel in Netscape 6. When Web pages malfunction, the cause can frequently be found between the chair and the keyboard.


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