Tuesday 06 August 2002

Prize for the 1000th comment

DishmatiqueTim TamsAs the number of comments on my posts approaches the 1000 mark, I thought I’d offer a prize to the visitor who makes the 1000th comment (kind of like the 19th caller to a radio station who wins the concert tickets).

The prize will be the winner’s choice of either a complete Dishmatique dishwashing system or a selection of Tim Tams, shipped anywhere in the world. The winner will be announced as soon as the 1000th comment has been entered. Naturally the judge’s decision is final and no correspondence shall be entered into. I’m open to suggestions as to whether people on my blogroll should be declared ineligible—as are family or employees of the sponsor and the radio station. (Or am I taking this a little too seriously?)

And AKMA’s friend (associate?) Tripp has been automatically disqualified for referring to the Dishmatique as a “silly little specialized tool.”



Ooooo, and aren't we all going to have a busy day in Mr. Delacour's comment boxes today?

Posted by: Burningbird on 6 August 2002 at 12:01 AM

Here a comment there a comment... did I win anything with this one?

Posted by: fp on 6 August 2002 at 02:11 AM

The two most annoying things are (a) that I can't find any comment numbers, so I can't know whether I've won, and (b) I don't know what either of the prizes are ;) "Tim Tams" looks suspiciously like the English chocolate bar "Penguin", all assuming that the two brown chocolate things aren't a dishwashing system. If they are then I don't want to win the prize. :)

Posted by: sil on 6 August 2002 at 02:18 AM

Mmmmm, candy.

Sorry, I swear I'm a regular reader! I can prove it with all my backup feeds from Radio ;-)

Posted by: Patrick Berry on 6 August 2002 at 02:19 AM

no comment

Posted by: steve on 6 August 2002 at 02:37 AM

Tim Tams Tim Tams Tim Tams Tim Tams Tim Tams Tim Tams Tim Tams Tim Tams Tim Tams Tim Tams ...

Posted by: Steven Vore on 6 August 2002 at 02:56 AM

I already have a Dishmatique a dandy device I must say so please please me the Tim Tams.

Posted by: Norm Jenson on 6 August 2002 at 03:08 AM

I can't imagine winning anything better (aside from cash) than an assortment of Tim Tams!


Posted by: Rick on 6 August 2002 at 04:03 AM

The first time I tried to suck my coffee up through a Tim Tam the bloody thing disintegrated into my coffee!

Posted by: The Obvious? on 6 August 2002 at 06:10 AM

Looking at my sink full of dishes, I want tim tams.

By the way, Burningbird calls this your "Weblogging Comment Spamfest". If this is spamming your comment system, am I a hacking criminal terrorist? If so, does that make me ineligible for the tim tams?

Posted by: Phil Wolf on 6 August 2002 at 06:26 AM

I can't believe I spelled my name wrong in the last post.

Posted by: Phil Wolff on 6 August 2002 at 06:27 AM

I'm inquisitive about your numbering convention, will the winning post be your 1000th comment or your 1001st.

Many people thought that the millennium was 2001 and not 2002 when in fact it was 1996 (according to the discovery channel Pope Gregory miscounted and lost a few years when he changed calendars).

Perhaps your 1000th comment has already happened?

Posted by: gary turner on 6 August 2002 at 06:28 AM

Phil, spamming the comments should be okay; spelling your own name wrong should be the disqualification.

BTW, I'm not commenting again because I'm trying to increase my chances for Tim Tams. Honest. Cross my Heart. Really really.

Posted by: Burningbird on 6 August 2002 at 06:36 AM

I'm not commenting again either.

Posted by: steve on 6 August 2002 at 10:16 AM

I won't try one of those transparent attempts at deception. I'm commenting for another chance at the Tim Tams.

Posted by: Norm Jenson on 6 August 2002 at 12:58 PM

all of these comments for some Tim Tams, pleasee ;-)

Posted by: Serdar Kilic on 6 August 2002 at 03:15 PM

No dishes - give me Tim Tams!

Posted by: Hugh on 6 August 2002 at 03:56 PM

Such delicacies as Tim Tams are unknown here in the wild woods of Oregon.

Posted by: Michael Webb on 6 August 2002 at 08:22 PM

wht is a tim-tam?
sounds like something fishy...

Posted by: nikita on 6 August 2002 at 11:05 PM

Could this be your 1000th comment?

See you tomorrow.

Posted by: Mahesh Shantaram on 6 August 2002 at 11:29 PM

I see the 1000th comment prize has already been awarded, so this is not a plea for entry. I merely wanted to comment that I LOVE dishmatique type tools, though I've never seen it called that. See, I hate the feel and smell of dishrags and sponges. Blech. These kinds of tools allow me to do dishes, since I absolutely refuse to touch sponges. At first glance, this might be a bad thing, but it actually saves trouble in my relationships when I can pitch in now and then.

Posted by: sarah on 7 August 2002 at 03:10 PM

this seems interesting. so, do i win any?

Posted by: maryam on 9 August 2002 at 06:01 PM

Yesterday I was the 1000th visitor, it was written there that I won 1000 "travelling dollars". I tried to find some information about the conditions of "using my prize", but all in vain. I tried to learn the name of the page with this information over the phone, but the girl spoke so quickly that I understood only "WWW..." It was just a dirty joke!!! If anyone of the site makers hears me, he may try to change my opinion of this action...

Posted by: Titarenko Veronica on 25 July 2003 at 07:26 AM

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