Thursday 05 December 2002

More on blogging and the MBTI

I was gratified by the number of people who responded to my post XFML meets MBTI by disclosing their Myers-Briggs personality type in the comments.

Anita Rowland revealed that someone has already undertaken my project of establishing a central registry of Myers-Briggs Type Indicators for bloggers. Dave Rogers’ PTypes website includes a list of blogs under each type profile. And, when I delved a little deeper, I discovered the Bloginality site.

Karl Martino asked whether there are “any free Keirsey testers out there worth their salt?” David Keirsey has played a major role in popularizing the Myers-Briggs system, grouping the 16 types into four major temperaments. His book, Please Understand Me II, is probably the most accessible guide to personality types and includes the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. This test uses 70 questions to determine an individual’s MBTI (a free online version gives your basic temperament but you have to pay US$14.95 for the “full report” revealing your actual personality type). I have a copy of the original Please Understand Me but I’m almost tempted to purchase the new edition.

PTypes also offers a free temperament test. Once you know your temperament, you might be able to figure out your basic type. Then again, you might not. For example, my INFJ type indicator corresponds to the Idealist temperament and the Sensitive type. There’s no doubt that I’m an Idealist (an NF, in Myers-Briggs terms) but I also exhibit characteristics of the Conscientious, Vigilant, and Dramatic types.

Among the better know Idealist weblogs at PTypes are:

Compared to the others I’ve mentioned, the Bloginality test is extremely crude, but I came out, as expected, an INFJ. Bloginality offers lots of links to other Myers-Briggs-related sites.

If you know your MBTI (or once you’ve figured it out), you can send your url, your type and, if you like, the title and description of your site, to


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