Thursday 31 January 2002

A kiss is just a kiss?

The Obvious points to a poignant item by Oblivio about his failure to count accurately the number of women he’s slept with. As an aside he writes:

“I’ve never been one for casual sex—casual kissing, perhaps, but not casual sex. So again it would seem that the MIAs are probably all women who at one time I really liked and may have even gone out for a few weeks before realizing it wouldn’t work, or vice versa.”

Is kissing more casual, less intimate than sex? Prostitutes generally don’t think so, a kiss being the one intimacy that is refused even the most regular of clients. In Jean-Luc Godard ‘s short film, Anticipation, ou l’an 2000 , made in 1966,�a soldier of the Sovietoamerican army is sent for treatment for sexual deprivation. Although the first prostitute, who represents “physical love” does not excite him, the second prostitute, “spiritual love,” arouses his passion.

As James Monaco writes , “together they invent the kiss, using the one part of the body which can both speak and make love. The screen bursts into full color, and the ubiquitous p.a. system announces that the couple�is dangerous because ‘they are making love, progress, and conversation—all at the same time.’”

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