Friday 01 February 2002

Back with a vengeance

Seems like the enforced hiatus did wonders for Burningbird:

The second reason was irony. I soundlessly pull a posting whose content was about Dave soundlessly pulling a posting. Try putting that on your scales and see if you don’t get jello. Call it weblogging’s first performance art and title it “Silence of the Postings”.

Not only do we get some handy metablogging on the art of Doing a Dave, there’s also the throwaway reference to performance art, which I thought no-one cared about anymore. One of my more dubious claims to fame is that in a previous incarnation I shot a performance art movie—Rules and Displacement Activities, Part II—for Australia’s most highly-regarded conceptual artist, Mike Parr.

Mike’s most recent performance work, after years of concentrating on self-portraits in a range of more conventional media, was Water From The Mouth. Last year, he lived “in a contained environment at Artspace for ten days, completely deprived of food and contact with the outside world,” a work described as “the pinnacle of his performance career” as well as “possessed of the gritty reality that is missing from the current crop of ratings driven Reality-TV survivor shows.” Something to shoot for, Shelley.

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