Wednesday 15 May 2002

Long live the Macintosh

Doc Searls’ blogging the Xserve announcement set me thinking about Apple. Whatever serious Mac cred I may have accrued by starting to use the Macintosh in 1985 evaporated when I switched to Windows in 1996. In all that time only Eastgate’s Tinderbox application has made me consider buying a Mac, but I decided to hang out for the Windows version instead. And though I miss the simplicity and elegance of the Macintosh Japanese Language Kit, Windows 2000 provides adequate Japanese support.

I still retain an emotional connection with the Mac—I visited Macintouch regularly until early last year—and I continue to be entertained by Doc Searl’s love-hate relationship with the platform. (Though I’m aware that he may not see it that way, I can’t think how else to describe a bond based on equal parts of fondness and frustration.)

I was astonished to feel myself slipping away from Apple eight years ago, thinking at the time: “If they can’t hold me, they can’t hold anyone.” Happily, I was wrong. Everyone’s looking for a messiah and, as it happens, Steve Jobs turned out to be Apple’s. Even though I’m not really a geek, there’s a geeky part of my temperament that loves the idea of UNIX wrapped in a pretty GUI. Now I’m wondering what on earth could compel me to undergo the torment of switching back.

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As an aside, the Korean IME for WinXP is much, much better than previous revs, and I assume that would also be the case for the Japanese one, too. Cool stuff.

(And no, I haven't forgotten I owe you a mini-essay on hangul!)

Posted by stavrosthewonderchicken on 15 May 2002 (Comment Permalink)

I'm not normally a betting man, but I have a feeling there might be a platform change on its way!

Posted by Allan Moult on 15 May 2002 (Comment Permalink)

What's this "I'm not really a geek" business? Give us a break! I'm with Allan, I see a platform change on the way. I've thought for a long time that you would eventually fall for Unix - an OS with a concise, non-verbose command set. Besides, OSX is cool, sexy and has iphoto: you're made for one another.

Posted by Marius Coomans on 15 May 2002 (Comment Permalink)

You'd love it! All the geeky stuff you'd ever want (and you know you do really), reliable, great for any multimedia, sexy boxes.......

Posted by The Obvious? on 16 May 2002 (Comment Permalink)

One small problem - cost. I got all excited about OSX when it came out. I even went as far as visiting the Apple (Australia) web site. Then I realised that the hardware premium for Macintoshes is somewhere between 50 and 75 percent.

For that kind of money I can buy a couple of really swish pairs of trousers and a commodity Wintel box and still have money spare for a slap up meal and a nice bottle of Tyrells Vat 1.

Feel free to start quoting Monty Python of course; In my day, we used to eat gravel from road ...

Posted by Andy Todd on 16 May 2002 (Comment Permalink)

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