Sunday 26 May 2002

On moral clarity

William Bennett, Moral clarity isn’t simplistic (as published in The Dallas Morning News, May 12, 2002):

Moral clarity has worked. It worked in Afghanistan, where the president brought together a coalition of nations around the world that condemned the attacks on the United States and supported punishing those responsible for the attacks.

Robert Young Pelton, The real war on terrorism (as published in Salon, April 23, 2002):

I mean, have we kicked out the bad guys? Shouldn’t we be attacking Pakistan, isn’t that where all the bad guys come from? I mean there’s this amazing disconnect between common sense and government rhetoric. Most of the people who were killed in Afghanistan were Pakistanis, not Afghans.

…the media needs to wake up and say, “Hey, wait a second. We’re supporting a military dictator who took power in a coup, who’s one of the main sponsors of terrorism, who paid for the camps over there, who’s educating and entertaining and training thousands of militants to go fight inside Afghanistan against us.” It’s like, whoa, wait a second, why is he our best friend?

…when you look at Daniel Pearl, he wasn’t kidnapped by Afghans. He wasn’t murdered by Afghans. He was murdered by people with strong and lengthy links to the Pakistani [intelligence agency, the] ISI…

…these guys are all from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Why aren’t we fighting a war in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and Egypt? Why are they our allies?

Fifteen of the nineteen alleged September 11 hijackers were Saudi nationals. As is Osama Bin Laden. Moral clarity indeed. It sounds more like the title of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

Moral Clarity, now playing at a multiplex near you. There’s the risk of confusing the audience by casting Saudis and Pakistanis as both Arnie’s allies and his enemies. But a top-class writer like Bill Bennett should be able to paper over any holes in the storyline. After all, it comes from the award-winning production company that brought you The Bay of Pigs Invasion, The Tonkin Gulf Incident, The Overthrow of Salvador Allende, The Iran-Contra Affair, and Iraqgate.

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What a delightful post. Moral clarity indeed!

Posted by Norm Jenson on 27 May 2002 (Comment Permalink)

Mral clarity indeed! Follow the money, or in this case oil. The war in Afghanistan is only a war against terrorism in the nedia spin the gov't supplies. It's really about access to Near East oil that needs a pipeline route agross Afghanistan and which US oil companies were unable to negotiate a good deal for with hte Taliban. Same reasons the US just supported the attempted overthrow of the Vwenezuelan government

Posted by Doug Alder on 28 May 2002 (Comment Permalink)

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