Saturday 04 May 2002

Saturday afternoon at the Aquarium

Shark, Sydney Aquarium, 5 May 02

Every other month I spend an afternoon and evening with Herman & Fiona and their two boys, John and James. This afternoon we took a trip to Darling Harbor where we ate lunch, visited the Sydney Aquarium, and rode a complete loop on the monorail.

This evening we ate dinner at New Wok in Town. The restaurant is owned by two brothers (Charles and William) and their wives (Phoebe and Amy). Charles handles the front-of-house, William manages the kitchen, and Phoebe and Amy wait tables a few shifts a week.

Fiona is expecting a baby in August and Amy told her it will be a girl—because of the shape of her tummy and the fact that the baby is sitting low. Come August we’ll be able to gauge the accuracy of traditional Chinese obstetrics.

And, if you’re visiting Sydney, the Aquarium is well worth a visit. Particularly the sharks.

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