Saturday 22 June 2002

Accessibility tip 05: Main content first

No problems for me today on the accessibility front—my CSS-based layout already displays the main content while the rest of the page is still loading. I have three positional DIVs:

  • header (logo, site name, site description)
  • content (weblog posts)
  • links (calendar, contents, recent entries, favorites).

My pages load in that order: header then content then links. As Mark said, the default Movable Type template gets it right. But I had no trouble building totally new templates based on a BlueRobot design. All you have to do is put the positional DIVs in the correct order.

I did check my site in the Lynx Viewer and it behaved as expected (kind of how it looks in Netscape 4.x but without any graphics). So it looks like an easy weekend for me. For those of you who don’t use CSS for positioning, get cracking on modifying your table code.

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