Sunday 09 June 2002

Another great Flash site

Commenting on my useful Flash site post, Patrick Breitenbach drew attention to “another example that predates it:” the Broadmoor Online Reservations in oneScreen™.

Broadmoor Online Reservations in oneScreen (Flash)Patrick is absolutely correct. This one is a humdinger. As it says at the top of the screen:

The entire reservation process is contained in this screen. You may start anywhere and order does not matter.

Pick your check-in and check-out dates, select the type of room, enter your name, address, and credit card details, press the Finish Reservation button. And it all takes place in a secure session.

I realize that this is also what attracted me to the CBC World Cup Game Tracker: one (Flash) screen has replaced a cumbersome navigation system and more than a dozen separate ESPN SoccerNet pages (that load slowly even via my broadband connection). To be fair, the SoccerNet site has game reports and other features that the Game Tracker lacks. But for fast, easy access to schedules and statistics, the Flash application is unbeatable in terms of usefulness and usability.

But I’m curious as to whether either of these sites is accessible, given that Flash MX (which has greatly improved accessibility features) has been available for some time now.

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Wow that's good too! But it still depends on how how interesting the dynamic data behind it is. A lot of Flash I've been called to do is there to cover the fact that a business is offering less than meets the eye.

Posted by Eric Mauro on 10 June 2002 (Comment Permalink)

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