Monday 01 July 2002


Michael Barrish, Bookmark:

Strangely, though perhaps not that strangely, I saw this coming. I mean when we were together. We would be fucking or… well it didn’t have be sex, just a moment of closeness, of feeling connected and happy… and I would recognize that moment, the preciousness of it, and tell myself to remember it, to memorize the feeling of it, because even as it was happening it was slipping away.

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I saw Michael's post yesterday. What an excellent piece.

Posted by Norman Jenson on 2 July 2002 (Comment Permalink)

The obvious question one must ask at this juncture, I feel, is, "What is the URL?" (Or, as they said in the early 90's, "GIF! GIF!") A quick Google Image Search for "Jennifer Joy" finds this picture of a horse and her rider, neither of which is likely to the one Michael is referring to. The mere possibility, however, makes the story that much funnier.

Posted by Mark Pilgrim on 2 July 2002 (Comment Permalink)

Bugger all. It's just not my day.

a horse and her rider

Posted by Mark Pilgrim on 2 July 2002 (Comment Permalink)

Funnier? Wow, never saw humor. I thought this was one of the more interesting postings I've seen on regret, myself.

Posted by Burningbird on 2 July 2002 (Comment Permalink)

Although it may be bad form to show one's hand like this, I must confess that I never considered the very obvious possibility that my readers would google "Jennifer Joy." Stupid me! Had I thought of this, I could have used an actual porn site and had people believing a lot of crazy shit about me ("Michael Barrish: the last stop before farm animals").

This reminds me that some guy wrote a book -- a sixties best-seller, I believe -- called something like My Ex-Girlfriends. It included photos of the author with the each woman and had stories about each relationship. However, it turned out that the book was completely faked: the women were paid models, and the stories were lies.

Posted by Michael Barrish on 6 July 2002 (Comment Permalink)

I did a Google search on "my ex-girlfriends" and at the top of the search list was a link to a reprint of the book at Amazon: Naked Pictures Of My Ex-Girlfriends (

The Amazon reviews are either enthusiastically in favor of the book (and, in some cases, the hoax) or virulently against it.

Just think, Michael, where you could have taken this had you referenced a real porn site...

Posted by Jonathon Delacour on 7 July 2002 (Comment Permalink)

And I thought it might be this one...

Posted by zing on 7 February 2003 (Comment Permalink)

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