Thursday 15 August 2002

The Gemco Li’l Scrubber

Gemco Li'l Scrubber dishwashing apparatusThanks to Burningbird for pointing me to what looked like one of the most exciting developments in dishwashing technology since the original Dishmatique.

Eric Grevstad used his Gemco Li’l Scrubber (apparently not to be confused with the same company’s Li’l Scrubby) as a test subject for a Hardware Central review of the Toshiba PDR-3300, which he describes as the best value he’s seen in a digital camera (a compact 3-megapixel, 2.8X-optical-zoom model, for the low 2-megapixel price of US$349).

As much as Eric might like the PDR-3300, I was far more impressed with the Li’l Scrubber. But Eric cautioned me in an email that the Li’l Scrubber is designed quite differently from the Dishmatique and, as a result, suffers from operational problems:

…you pry off the top to pour in and then push to release the soap — actually not my favorite design, since it’s hard to scrub without squeezing the soap trigger.

I realize now that I got carried away by the appearance of the Li’l Scrubber, as well as by its artful placement with the scourer in the porcelain dishwashing apparatus stand. And, having read Eric’s comprehensive review of the Toshiba camera, I’d be a fool not to trust his evaluation of the Li’l Scrubber.

But another part of me just hankers after one. I think that before trying to obtain my own Li’l Scrubber by mail order from the US, I’d better get a second or third opinion as to its potential. (At first glance it looks as though it would be vastly superior to the Dishmatique for cleaning my Le Creuset cast iron skillet grill.) AKMA and Dorothea Salo’s husband David spring immediately to mind as dishwashing enthusiasts. It’s been a while since we’ve seen David’s byline on a Caveat Lector post—this could be the opportunity he’s been waiting for. Naturally I’ll be most interested in any other first hand experiences with the Gemco Li’l Scrubber.

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My mamma told me to always leave the dance with the one you came with. Better be careful when you find yourself considering changing partners. Long live Dishmatique.

Posted by Norm Jenson on 16 August 2002 (Comment Permalink)

It's funny how in certain spheres I'm "David Salo's wife -- you know, Dorothea" while in certain other spheres he's "Dorothea Salo's husband -- you know, David."

It does keep our egos in good balance, I'll say that for it. (Not that he has much of one. But I do.)

Posted by Dorothea Salo on 16 August 2002 (Comment Permalink)

Not so much thinking of divorcing the Dishmatique, Norm, as taking the Li'l Scrubber as a mistress.

Dorothea, it sounds like you have the best of both worlds.

Posted by Jonathon Delacour on 16 August 2002 (Comment Permalink)

As I told Eric, you Sudsy men--so easily turned by a sexy, transparent top.

Dorothea and David - goth kitties parents.

Posted by Burningbird on 16 August 2002 (Comment Permalink)

Just got a Christmas present from my ex-husband's present wife. It is the Li'l Scrubber by Gemco.
She presented it to all of us gathered at their home in Clermont, FL for our traditional feast and gift-giving Christmas celebration. She said it was so great that she wanted to share with all of us. She's a gem and so is the Li'l Scrubber.
But....where do I get it. I live in little ole town of Brooksville, FL..some hour or so away from everywhere. Please help me...I'm in love with the Li'l Scrubber! I am wanting to share this will bugger with all my friends..any suggestions as to the closest place or if I could mail order? Thanks and Happy Holidays to the Sudsmen, whoever they are and if they are the inventors of Li'l Scrubber..God bless them and my hands bless them.

Posted by saundra doty on 26 December 2002 (Comment Permalink)

I purchased to Li'l Scrubber at seem to be an easy way of scrubbing,but it stinks i make sure to push down a few times to release the soap but nothing happens i was totaly dissatified in this dispenser.Just wanted you to know thank you Rose Spurge

Posted by Rose Spurge on 28 April 2003 (Comment Permalink)

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