Thursday 19 September 2002

A common chord

I’d always wondered why I’ve never met a Canadian I didn’t like—until I read this Globe and Mail article by Jeffrey Simpson, titled Australia: Canada’s secret alter ego. The last paragraph makes clear our commonality:

Take two forbidding pieces of geography, lightly populate them, give them colonial histories and turn them into federations, factor in an underprivileged native population, attract immigrants from around the globe, insist that they play the role of middle powers in the world — and you have two countries where the details may be different but the essence is the same.

All that’s lacking in this summary—though Simpson does mention it earlier in his article—is our complex, ambivalent attitude towards the United States.

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Update. Now comes news that Mark Woods is joining Stavros in hiatus. What’s going on? Blogging needs all the Canadians it can get! Wait a minute. The WonderChicken’s page title says: “Hiatus? What hiatus?” Welcome back, Stav. Come back soon, Mark.

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