Thursday 12 September 2002

Hit me with your ***rhythm stick

This morning, when I realized that tomorrow is Friday the 13th of September, I remembered how I’d spent a Friday the 13th about twenty-five years ago.

I’d not long split up with a girlfriend who believed in all kinds of occult stuff: astrology, the tarot, numerology, rune stones, and… biorhythms. She’d given me an electronic Biorhythm Calculator for my birthday so, when I realized that the following Friday would fall on the 13th, I retrieved it from a box of stuff I was about to throw out and used it to calculate my biorhythm for that day. Disaster! It was a Triple Low day: my physical, emotional, and intellectual cycles would all hit their lowest point on Friday the 13th.

Unwilling to take any chances, I stocked up on food and alcohol on the Thursday, and spent Friday the 13th alone at home reading John Le Carre’s Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

It actually turned out to a pleasurable day. I didn’t answer the phone. I didn’t have a computer so I wasn’t tempted to go online (actually there wasn’t any “online” in those days, outside of universities). I ate when I was hungry, read my book, and napped occasionally. I guess it would have been nice to have shared the day with someone but I’d only just broken up with Ms Occult. In any case, I would have been too anxious about fooling around in my weakened physical and emotional state. And I had no desire to tempt fate, for even though Sean Cunningham’s eponymous movie had yet to be made, I’d seen plenty of Italian horror films in which young lovers were chopped up by an axe murderer.

Tonight, out of curiosity, I checked my chart for tomorrow at Unfortunately, it’s almost a Triple Low day too. My emotional and intellectual cycles are near rock bottom and—at -87%—I’m not in great physical shape either.

My Biorhythm chart for Friday, September 13, 2002

Believe it or not, I’ve felt kind of listless all week, so perhaps there’s something to it after all.

It might best, then, to schedule the transition to Movable Type 2.21 and MySQL at my new web hosting service for a week when my intellectual and emotional capacities are at a peak. I’ll discuss this with Allan Moult since we’re about to embark on a series called A Beginner’s Guide to MT, MySQL, and PHP. If it turns out that Allan believes in biorhythms, then I think we may be in trouble—it’s unlikely we’d be able to get both our cycles in synch until some time next year.

But I wouldn’t want anyone to think I really take it seriously. After all, I don’t intend to stay in all day tomorrow reading a spy novel. Though if I don’t post to the weblog tomorrow night or on Saturday, you’ll know something’s happened.

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