Sunday 08 September 2002

The Tim Tams have landed

From Mahesh Shantaram comes news that his prize for making the 1000th comment on my weblog has finally arrived—happily on his 25th birthday. In a gracious thank-you message, Mahesh told me that my timing impressed him just as much as the Tim Tams:

Given the inherent inefficiencies and sheer unpredictability of all physical postal systems in the world, this is a remarkable feat. You’ve simply outdone my 1000th comment performance.

I have a feeling that Mahesh’s wife may be the main beneficiary of the Tim Tam prize since women consume considerably more than 50% of the Tim Tams produced by Arnotts in Australia. (Tim Tams advertising is directed exclusively towards female consumers.)

Nevertheless, I believe that in the long term Mahesh’s wife would have benefited more if he’d chosen the Dishmatique prize. Once a man falls under the spell of modern dishwashing technology, his loved ones need never again plunge their hands into sudsy water.

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Tim Tams advertising is directed exclusively towards female consumers.

I remember an Indian Coke ad long ago that had sexy Indian women frolicking around a swimming pool. Everyone were left wondering why Coke was targetting women. My theory was: the ad attracts women because it flaunts desirable body shapes that the ideal woman should have. And for the same reason it attracts men too. So the target audience is the universe.

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