Thursday 21 November 2002

The Lord of the Email

Hey, Dorothea, I figured it out.

[I can send and receive email from everyone in the known universe, except Dorothea Salo.]

Dorothea thinks “it’s the Internet’s fault” that her replies to my messages hardly ever reach me. I now know better.

The real reason is this: there’s some kind of hex on me because I haven’t yet seen The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. (Dorothea’s husband, David, did the Elvish for the three movies.)

Aside. Although you might think that I’ve italicized the movie title, I actually used the <cite> tag, as recommended by Joe Clark in Building Accessible Websites (I just used it again, for the book title):

<cite></cite> for “citations,” meaning titles (of books, films, plays, television programs, court cases, possibly even ships) and words and phrases quoted for themselves. It must be reiterated that citations are not interchangeable with <em></em> for general emphasis.

And, although I (correctly) indented the previous paragraph with the <blockquote> tag (because I’m quoting a passage from Joe’s book), I’m now aware that I’ve used the <blockquote> tag incorrectly on hundreds of occasions to indent text, such as computer code. As in:

<cite>The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring</cite>

Instead of what I should have been doing all along, which is this:

<cite>The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring</cite>

“But they look exactly the same,” you say. Indeed, but the (correct) second version uses a class style—.indent-left {margin-left: 40px;}—to indent the text.

“Have you gone completely crazy?” you ask. No, I’ve just fallen totally under Joe Clark’s spell. (I hope I don’t get into trouble from Joe, or Mark Pilgrim, or someone, for using pixels instead of ems.)

Where was I?

Right. Dorothea’s and my email problem. I think there may be a solution. The Greater Union Hoyts Village Complex on George Street—where there used to be three multiplexes, owned by three different distributors, now there is a single megaplex—is currently showing The Fellowship of the Ring, partly as a community service to the 0.0000001 per cent of the population who haven’t yet seen it, mostly as a lead-in to the release in Australia on December 18 of The Two Towers.

I’ll go see The Fellowship of the Ring on Saturday afternoon and send Dorothea an email that evening. If that doesn’t work it might simply mean that I need to see the The Two Towers too, which might have to wait until late December. Failing that, the switch to Cornerhost might do the trick (Dorothea’s site is hosted there too). If, after all that, I still don’t receive Dorothea’s emails, it’ll definitely be “the Internet’s fault.”

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I keep imagining there's some cosmic significance to all this -- but I honestly can't believe that's it.

Still. Cool movie. Have fun.

Posted by Dorothea Salo on 22 November 2002 (Comment Permalink)

good to know I'm not the only person compulsively citing Joe Clark. I'll be talking about something with my assistant, and suddenly...I'm pounding on the book. :)

and yes, have fun! (okay, maybe fun isn't entirely the right word. I did cry after the 2nd time I saw it.)

Posted by Elaine Nelson on 22 November 2002 (Comment Permalink)

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