Saturday 14 December 2002

A summer cold

Dimetapp Cold and Flu packageI used to boast that taking Echinacea had protected me from colds and the flu for years. Since it’s generally accepted that it loses effectiveness after prolonged use, I’d break up my Echinacea usage by only taking the tablets from the first to the tenth and the sixteenth to the twenty-fifth of each month. But I’ve been careless about it over the past few months and on Thursday I came down with a severe cold. I tried taking a triple Echinacea dose for a couple of days but it was too late. I needed chemical, as distinct from herbal, assistance.

Dimetapp Cold and Flu capsules I haven’t taken Dimetapp for a long time and was happy to see that it was still available. It’s ridiculously expensive compared to the generic equivalent which is, no doubt, equally effective. But I love the DayGlo-colored capsules: bright orange (non-drowsy) for during the day and a kind of teal color for night time (with added Doxylamine Succinate to help you sleep). It’s one of the all-time great packaging jobs—Dimetapp overwhelms the surrounding cold and flu medicines on the pharmacy shelf and, when you pick up and flip open the package, those shiny fat orange and teal capsules look as though they’re bursting with chemical goodness.

So, that’s my cold and flu regime. Echinacea to ward away illness, Dimetapp to relieve the symptoms if I succumb. I guess you could call it the sublime and the ridiculous.

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Hmmm never heard of Echinacea before, guess I'll have to check it out. Fell better!

Posted by Blaine Hilton on 14 December 2002 (Comment Permalink)

You and me both, but mine is a nasty cough that seems to be especially persistent. Maybe I need some day-glo orange and teal. And less computer and more walks.

Feel better.

Posted by Burningbird on 15 December 2002 (Comment Permalink)

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