Thursday 27 February 2003

Apple Sautee

An email from Norm Jenson alerted me to the fact that Chris Locke bought a new PowerBook:

Everyone is doing it
Your turn.

“Wow,” I thought, “if Chris Locke has switched, maybe it is my turn.” Then I read the fine print in the Rage Boy’s post:

The only real problems I’m having with the Powerbook so far is that, due the incredible temperatures generated by its awesome processing power, it’s slow-cooking my hands as they rest on its sleek anodized aluminum shell. Sort of like sauteing your palms in an elegant and hugely expensive frying pan.

Maybe the new PowerBooks should come bundled with a couple of pork chops, sachets of herbs, spices, and Apple sauce, plus a recipe card (since the sauteeing time will depend on the CPU).

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On the other hand, isn't it coming on winter down there? Think of how warm your hands will be on those chill winter nights!

Posted by dave rogers on 27 February 2003 (Comment Permalink)

Jonathon will be so advanced in age when he finally gets his power book that his tired old fingers will be grateful for the warmth.

Posted by Norm Jenson on 27 February 2003 (Comment Permalink)

I guess I need to replace my iBook with a hotter model, Jonathon.

Posted by Loren on 28 February 2003 (Comment Permalink)

Or you could get practical and use a CoolPad, found at Search around they have an Aussie source as well. About $A30 and works beautifully.

Also, the built-in swivel makes it great for one-to-one presentations.

Posted by Allan Moult on 28 February 2003 (Comment Permalink)

I switched about four weeks ago and while my Precious does get very warm on the laptop's bottom, it's never been a concern for me. I haven't yet been burned by touching my laptop after it's been on for many, many hours.

Posted by Mariann on 28 February 2003 (Comment Permalink)

You'd probably need a wireless keyboard plugged into your powerbook, but it should be too hard to rig together some kind of box-shaped clear pastic overlay, to cover that "sleek anodized alumninum," where most of the best heat would be generated.

If an EZ bake oven can operate with nothing more than a lightbulb, imagine the culinary delights to be afforded by the Powerbook! I'd settle for a tasty apple pie. Mmm... pie...

Posted by RKB on 1 March 2003 (Comment Permalink)

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