Friday 25 April 2003

Bb fundraiser update

Thanks to the generous support of everyone who has made a donation and/or publicized the Keep the Bird Burning fund, we’re on track to raise enough money so that Burningbird will have a couple of years without having to worry about paying for web hosting.

I agree with Marek, who organized Project Dell’Essum to provide Jeneane Sessum with a refurbished Dell laptop, that campaigns like this should have a limited lifespan. As I write, the Bb fundraiser has been running just under 48 hours. I’ll probably let it run another day then wrap it all up. There’s still some room left in the pot so, if you’ve been meaning to donate but haven’t yet got around to it, click on the button here or on one of the many others you’ll find scattered around the neighborhood. Dorothea summed it up perfectly:

On the up side, an email from Jonathon indicated that the Burningbird campaign is going well. Could always be improved upon—especially given Bb’s tastes in server hardware—so ante up, folks.

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I personally was waiting for a sign from the Bird that the gift would be accepted, proud and stubborn as she is.

Now that that is clear, I have donated, on the condition that she keep writing. Otherwise, I will fly my son out to St. Louis for a day of babysitting. That's both a threat _and_ a promise!

Posted by Scott Hanson on 25 April 2003 (Comment Permalink)

Proud, stubborn, a gifted writer (as you imply), and from what I understand , even though she has no formal qualifications in childcare, a first rate babysitter.

Posted by Jonathon on 25 April 2003 (Comment Permalink)

Please keep it open a little while longer -- I’ve been having PayPal headaches, and I don’t want to miss the chance to join in.

Posted by AKMA on 25 April 2003 (Comment Permalink)

This discussion is now closed. My thanks to everyone who contributed.

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