Wednesday 04 August 2004

The point of writing

Blackboard outside bookshop displaying Kingsley Amis quotation: If you can't annoy somebody with what you write, I think there's little point in writing.

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The point of writing...

Posted by M. Ellis Conroy's OM&TR: Linklog on 10 August 2004


Is that book store Elizabeth's (I think?) on King St in Newtown? I keep meaning to go in there. Now I definitely mean to go in there.

Posted by ARJ on 4 August 2004 (Comment Permalink)

Yes, it's on the corner of King and Egan Streets. Once you've been in there, you can walk up to the next corner (King and O'Connell) and pick up some tea from T2.

Posted by Jonathon on 4 August 2004 (Comment Permalink)

Googling around I found a nice set of pictures of Newtown:

I also ran across a reference to the Better Read Than Dead Bookstore; how does that compare with Elizabeth's? (I'll probably never get to Sydney, but the bookstore addict in me wants to know.)

Posted by language hat on 4 August 2004 (Comment Permalink)

LH, those photographs give a pretty good idea of what Newtown is like. I've lived here for nearly ten years and, apart from Coogee (which is near the ocean and where I grew up), I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather live in Sydney.

Better Read Than Dead, which sells new books, is probably the best bookstore in Newtown. Elizabeth's is the most attractive of a number of secondhand bookshops.

And I can't believe you'll never get to Sydney. When you do, I'll take you to the legendary Gould's Book Arcade.

Posted by Jonathon on 4 August 2004 (Comment Permalink)

That's such a great quote. And seeing it handwritten on that chalk board makes it that much more impressive. Thanks for sharing!

Posted by Scott Johnson on 5 August 2004 (Comment Permalink)

Is this a desperate cry for Burningbird to begin posting again, Jonathon?

I'm so desperate for stimulation that I think I've even visited all the links on my site in the last few days.

Posted by loren on 6 August 2004 (Comment Permalink)

Loren, there's nothing I'd like more than to read a new Burningbird post but, to be honest, I was thinking of one or two other people besides Shelley when I saw that quotation and knew I wanted to take a snap of it.

Posted by Jonathon on 6 August 2004 (Comment Permalink)

How curious that "The point of writing" involves no text - just an image.

Cool shot, Jonathon

Posted by David Engel on 16 August 2004 (Comment Permalink)

To be fair, the image had excellent ALT text.

Posted by Mark on 19 August 2004 (Comment Permalink)

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