Friday 21 January 2005

Femininity, Feminism, and Dr. Phil

Screen shot of advertisement for Dr Phil's Weight Loss program embedded in Slate article about the conflict between feminism and femininity

From Navel Gazing: Why even feminists are obsessed with fat by Laura Kipnis

(One wonders whether complaints to Slate about the Dr. Phil ad—which perfectly illustrates Brecht’s dictum that capitalism gratefully swallows any poison it is offered, transforming each dose into sustenance—caused it to be replaced by a series of Vonage ads?)

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There's an ad for the South Beach diet system there now, when I looked.

It's almost art, really. What ad matches the keywords in the text of the article the best, while still managing to be absolutely the worst when framed by the topic.

Posted by Shelley on 21 January 2005 (Comment Permalink)

I am teaching Berger's Ways of Seeing this semester, and he has a similar example (p 152): The visual shock caused by the contrast of a photo of Bangladeshi refugees and an advertisement for bath oils on the same page. The funny thing is that, as I was re-reading Berger's seminal book I was thinking how much it read like a blog...

Posted by Kerim Friedman on 23 January 2005 (Comment Permalink)

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