Comment Policy

Since there is already a surfeit of anger and cruelty in the world, I’ve decided that my comment policy will follow the “affirmative kindness towards all” approach pioneered by Megan at From the Archives:

I require ACTIVE KINDNESS toward your co-commenters. By that I mean, be AFFIRMATIVELY NICE when you address other people here. This is a higher standard than “not mean”. When you have a relationship with the other commenters here, you may write to tease them goodnaturedly. Before you have established yourself, you may write them with respect and affection. You may never make ad homimen attacks against a fellow commenter. If you cannot find respect and affection in your words and heart, saying nothing is always an option.

Which is not to say that there should be no disagreement–since without conflict there would be no drama–but that we should disagree agreeably.

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